Terms & Conditions

Our terms of trade are set out below and govern our business relationship with real estate agents, companies and individuals. Please read carefully.

Application of Terms and Conditions

These terms apply to all business transactions carried out between Prima Visual Media and all real estate agents, companies and individuals (client). These terms are effective from February 2024 until further notice.


The Copyright for all photographs taken by Prima Visual Media during a photographic shoot remain with Prima Visual Media and are protected under local and international copyright laws. Copyright is not transferable. Permission is granted to the real estate agent, business or individual who made the booking with Prima Visual Media to use the photographs from this shoot in the marketing of this property only, for a period of 12 months from the date of the shoot.

Use of any image for any additional marketing or promotion, such as for a business or individual (including any use by architects, builders, painters, kitchen suppliers, stylists and other businesses or individuals in any print or web publication), is a violation of copyright.

For licensing inquiries, please contact Prima Visual Media using the contact form at the bottom of the page. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Prima Visual Media gives a 100% guarantee on all of their work. If a client is not happy with the work carried out by Prima Visual Media a photographer may return to re-shoot the concerned area. If the client is still not happy, no fee will be charged, however all photos must be returned to Prima Visual Media within one week of the said work. If no fee is paid then all work produced by Prima Visual Media must not be used in any way, shape or form.

Additional Guarantee information can be found here.

Image Selection

Properties that have a variety of amenities, such as a fully finished basement, entertainment areas, outbuildings, or specific views, may require more photos to properly document the property in its entirety. We are more than happy to provide a quote prior to your session.

Prima Visual Media will deliver the best possible images based on the type of photo shoot that has been booked. Unless the real estate agent is present at the photography session, Prima Visual Media will determine what images are taken. With our experience in photography and real estate marketing, we believe our shot selection will showcase the best possible features of this property. However, we also recognize that everyone’s different, and you may have other ideas about the images you would like us to deliver for you. So with that in mind, if you have any specific or unusual shots that you would like us to take then it would be great if you could be present on site for the shoot to do a pre-shoot walkthrough, or you are contact us prior to the shoot with specific details. Although we will do what we can with our experience, to determine the best possible angles and shots for this particular property, we cannot be held responsible for not taking images that we didn’t know you wanted.


Although all care is taken while photographing every home / property, Prima Visual Media accepts no responsibility for any damage or breakages during this process.

Prima Visual Media and/or staff shall not be held liable for any legal action, claim or damages resulting from or arising out of the publication of the photographs or other use.

Exclusive Photographer

When you choose us as your photography provider, we request that we are the exclusive photographer present during our session. This ensures that we can focus entirely on capturing the best possible images for you without any distractions.

To maintain our dedication to quality and efficiency, we do not work alongside other photographers, drone operators, or videographers during our sessions. If you have additional media needs, we’re more than happy to accommodate those vendors at a separate time to uphold the integrity of our work.

It’s important to note that we take pride in our shooting and editing process to provide a standard of consistency in our work. Therefore, if you opt to engage another party for media services, we ask that they also handle the editing of their work.


All fees must be paid upon delivery of the images unless otherwise arranged in writing between Prima Visual Media and the client. We reserve the right to contact you regarding any unpaid fees past the invoice due date.

Bad Debt: If an agent or individual arranges for Prima Visual Media to photograph a property, person or thing for their own purposes or on behalf of a home owner and does not pay for that service within 30 days, the amount owed by the agent is a bad debt of the agent. If an individual arranges for Prima Visual Media to photograph a property, person or thing on his/her own behalf and does not pay for that service within 30 days, the amount owed by the individual is a bad debt of that individual.

Recovery of Payment: All bad debts will be passed on to a debt collecting service. All costs relating to the recovery of overdue accounts will be added to the original fees and must be paid by the person / company who made the booking.

Aerial Rescheduling Fee

Aerial photos may need to be rescheduled if conditions are not ideal for flying. We highly recommend rescheduling the entire session in the event that weather conditions do not lend themselves to flying.

If you would like to reschedule the aerial portion of the session while keeping the original appointment time for the house photos, an additional travel fee may apply.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Fee

Prima Visual Media must have 12 hours notice of a change in schedule, or a $50 Cancellation/Rescheduling Fee may be charged. Note that changes due to bad weather will not incur a Cancellation/Rescheduling Fee.

If, for any reason through no fault of the photographer, a scheduled property is inaccessible, then exterior photos will be taken of the property and a session fee of $135 will be charged. A return trip will be treated as a new booking and will be billed accordingly.

Staging Fee

We shoot the property as it is presented when we arrive to take photos. The time allowed is specified when booking the appointment in Calendly, so if a photo shoot requires additional staging and/or takes longer than the specified time due to staging issues, Prima Visual Media reserves the right to add a $50 surcharge to the appointment fee.

Travel Fee

Regions covered include Mansfield, Ohio, and a one-hour driving radius outside of zip code 44907. An extra ‘Travel Fee’ may be required for shoots outside of this service area. This fee is subject to change due to factors such as gas prices, time, and distance traveled. For more information, please contact us for a quote.

By using the photos supplied by Prima Visual Media you are agreeing to the above Terms and Conditions.